Clinic Ride Times

Okay….today is a day at home.  Putting the final touches on the clinic preparations here at the house. 

The big wind two days ago wreaked havoc around the farm.  The hay stack is no longer tarped (my big evergreens are wearing bright blue decorations…lovely).  Two shelters rolled over, one ended up upside down on a fence line.  Clean up after the wind has add many extra items to the “clinic preparation” list!  My staff are glad today is a day off for all the horse so they can finish up on the details at the stable.  Ponies to be bathed and all manner of hair dos to be organized (manes and tails).   

The weather has quite dramatically turned to fall and the furnace was turned on.  We’ll be warm and toasty…oh oh…time to clip horses very soon.


Shannon Peters Clinic

October 3/4


Saturday, October 3


10:00 –Carol/Alexander

10:45 – Barb/Sequoia

11:30 – Lindsey/Lance

12:15 – 1:15 Lunch

1:15 – Lindsey/Fred

2:00 – Kim/Walker

2:45 – Lindsey/William

3:30 – Stephan/Maverick




Sunday, October 4


8:00 –Stephan/Maverick

8:45 – Barb/Sequoia

9:30 – Lindsey/Lance

10:15 – Lindsey/Fred

11:00 – Kim/Walker

11:45 – Lindsey/William

12:30 – Carol/Alexander


We’re all looking forward to a great weekend!  An extra set of eyes, more info, insights to next level of work.  Gosh I love my job!!!!!


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One response to “Clinic Ride Times

  1. Tracy Deschamps

    I want your job 🙂
    Have a good clinic!
    I can’t wait one day to have my young to do some clinics…..

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