Grandparent’s Day???? Who knew??

It’s Grandparent’s Day on Sunday.  I know this interesting fact from an email that arrived unsolicited yesterday.  Who knew Grandparent’s Day would be a fun thing to celebrate!!!???  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day really comes and goes unceremoniously around here, hardly notice the day (except for all the festive present suggestions at Costco), but Grandparent’s Day…woot, woot…let’s celebrate!!  And celebrate we will!

Mack’s first outing to the mountains starts tomorrow.  We’re taking 2 motorhomes and a 5th wheel and heading to Banff for the weekend.  All 4 grandparents, and of course Mack’s mom and dad and uncle Greg.  The weather promises to be exceptional, the hiking trails will be beautiful and maybe even a little golf early Friday before the kids arrive! 

A big thank you to Lindsey (and Peter) for taking charge of Flying Colours for the weekend.  It’s the only way Ivars and I can get away and relax… knowing the stable is in competent hands and all our horses won’t miss a beat in their training schedules. 

Now off to get this busy day started…tomorrow Grandparent Weekend begins!!!!

Mack...ready for his first trip to the mountains.

Mack...ready for his first trip to the mountains.

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