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Babies and Big Girls Dressage Show

Flying Colours Stables

Babies and Big Girls Dressage Show

Labour Day, Monday, Sept 7, 2009

9 am start

Hot Dogs at 12 noon, ice cream cones to follow

Little girls in the indoor

  • Dressage tests, ridden and lead (morning)

Big girls in the outdoor

  • Dressage tests, ridden (morning)

Ouhhhhhh Baby (Big, big girls)

  • Tests/lessons indoor (morning)

Noon Lunch

  • Hot dogs, ice cream 

Afternoon class

Partner up with your sister or mommy or daddy.  Decorate your horse with anything you can find in the stable (tickle trunks will be available to entrants)

This class is your chance to impress the judges. You will have 3 minutes in the arena to influence and impress the judge(s)

Does your horse do tricks? Maybe you think the judges deserve some soothing music and a nice drink while you show them your horse?  Maybe your horse can follow you with carrots?  Maybe the judges can follow you with chocolate????!!!

This is your chance to bring TRUTH to the rumor that judges can be bribed!  Just remember, Lindsey starts with extra hidden points…Peter is judging!!!!


(All children must leave in the vehicles they arrived in (trades are allowed but all children must be off the premises by close of afternoon classes or at least by bedtime)) (Mack is exempt, Grandma doesn’t allow trades)

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