Warmbloods on the south, donkeys on the north?????

Yesterday started out with sooo much excitement at FCS.  Linda arrived to work and called to tell me we had the donkey back.

Last week the neighbour’s donkey (small, grey and white, not gelded!) arrived at the farm.  The outside horses were running and frightened and lathered by the time Katie had caught him!  Everyone settled down as soon as he disappeared.  She walked him back to his farm and checked the fences there to find the spot that he escaped.  Couldn’t find any holes.

7:30 yesterday, he’s back!!!  Once again we caught him and settled everyone down.  Luckily no one was turned out yet and just had the outdoor horses to deal with; basically reassure them the donkey was not going to eat Sid!!!  I now have a small, cute donkey in the round pen on the north side of the barn.  He’s very loud.  One of my students is here for a week with her mule (before the Battle at Spruce) so the molly is in a pen as well on the north side.  Quite a sight at FCS as I drive by!!!  Warmbloods on the south, donkeys on the north.  Photos soon!

I think I’ll keep him here safe and secure till they can sort out their fencing problems!  He’s probably crawling through their barbed wire fencing (he doesn’t look like the “jumping” type).  It would be a crazy day here to have Mr. Donkey walking around the farm when everyone is out!!!  Meanwhile we’re all “enjoying” the mega braying coming from the back forty!!  Everyone here has adapted to haveing the mule in the barn so maybe by the time the neighbour’s  fencing is fixed, all the horses be “donkey broke” as well!!!!

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