Steffan Peters clinic sooooo wonderful!

We’re home from the Steffan Peters clinic at Double W Ranch in Bluffton, thanks to all the organizers of this clinic, great job!…what a great couple of days work.  Lindsey and Lance rode on Saturday and Sunday.  Thanks to Deb Meraw, I’ll be able to post photos from both days.  Thanks so much Deb.  I can’t seem to concentrate on the work and handle the camera as well.

There were so many light bulbs moments from this weekend that we can add to our daily work. 

  • Suppleness, suppleness, suppleness.  Don’t sacrifice suppleness for movement.
  • Make every stride honest and clear
  • Keep everything simple and uncomplicated
  • Finish what you start
  • Horse not submissive, cooperative is a better term
  • Make the training be understood by the horse day by day
  • He must work in the transitions not rest
  • If a full halt doesn’t work, a half halt certainly won’t
  • Forward is good, correct contact is difficult
  • Keep the topline supple in all of the training
  • Extended trot to piaffe…honest, clear and through, ahhh what a goal!!!
  • Be accurate within each stride
  • An error free test goes a long way
  • “See he understands, he can learn”
  • “Get the job done.”

There are many more for sure but these are what I’ll try to take to the arena this morning.  This clinic really clarified some concepts for me.  We’ll change the emphasis in some of our work and beef up some of the concepts we have being using.  Looking forward to September’s work and having Shannon Peters here October 3/4. 

All the horses worked so much better on Sunday after Saturday’s schooling with Steffan.  It sure looked like everyone had integrated  the concepts and would be able to reproduce the work at home.  This doesn’t happen at every clinic for sure!  Thanks Steffan!

Here’s some photos…

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