Steffan Peters Clinic Tomorrow

We’re all ready to head to Bluffton to the Peters clinic tomorrow.  I’ll add photos (if I remeber to use the camera during the lesson!  Maybe they’ll be someone there I can hand the camera to???!!!)  This will be the first time Lance will be leaving FCS by himself for a good time!  The only other time he’s been in the trailer by himself, is to head to Calgary for colic surgery!  I hope Fred will be ok as we pull out of the yard…she believes she should be with Lance outside, inside and especially in the trailer!

We have put the final details together for the Shannon Peters clinic.  She’ll be here Sat/Sun, October 3/4.  We’re very excited about the weekend!  Peters training X 2!  August and October!

William is doing amazing.  He is scheduled to ride in the Shannon Peters clinic and Christoph Hess October 19/20.  He loves to get down and go to work each day.  We are slowly adding more intensity each week and he is thriving.  Still can’t turn him out yet…he just would gallop and buck and buck and buck…not good for his tummy!

Labour Day, Monday September 7 is the FCS “Babies and Big Girls Dressage Show”.  All sorts of little girls, ponies, big girls, horses, hot dogs, decorations and dressage!  I think it’ll be a good day!

Dressage Camp tentatively set for Thanksgiving weekend, October 10/11.  Details to come.

Time to get everyone fed and out…


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