Set back for William

Wednesday started out very normal, horses fed, turned out, stable cleaned.  I headed home to work from my desk for a few hours and lessons started at noon.  William came in from his paddock for lunch in his stall.  Everything going as planned till about 2pm when Lindsey and Katie noticed William acting weird in his stall, rubbing his shoulder and tummy on the stall wall.  Took him out and walked him…he’s colicy.  Called the local vet and had Katie hitch my truck and trailer.  Lindsey called Westwind Vet Hospital and let them know we may be headed their way very soon.

The local vet injected Banamine and he was a little more comfortable.  We loaded him up and let Westwind know we were on our way. 

An hour later we arrived and he was in the stocks for further examination.  Tubed him, rectal exam, GasX.  We all were convinced a simple gas colic.  I had plans for picking him up on Thursday.  Change of plans, colic surgery 10pm Wednesday.  Entrapment and a twist.  He was up and walked back to his stall by midnight.

Yesterday he was bright and alert and hand grazing was on the schedule for the afternoon.

Waiting for the vet to call this morning for today’s update.  Lindsey is going to head over and hand graze him later today.

A small blip in his career.  He’s a very fit stallion.  We’ll put him on the same hand walk program Lance worked with after his surgery and he should be back on track very quickly.  He’s a tough guy and proved himself this year.  Time for a little break and some TLC and then back at it in the fall.


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