Almost home…

I think today is the first day I’m up and energetic ready for the whole day!  William, Fred and Lance are home and grazing in their paddocks, sleeping in the sun.  It has been a very full 7 weeks this spring; three horses, 4 big shows 3,000 kms from home and a wonderful new grandson!  We had a wonderful time and hit all the markers we set out for ourselves before leaving…it’s been very satisfying!

Things I’ve learned…

  • I love this Air Card!!!  We should have had it from the start and Lindsey could have been more consistently linked to her work her in Alberta from Toronto.  It made this blogging business feasible from just about anywhere.   (we’re on hwy 2, somewhere around Red Deer right now!)  It also made it possible to stay in touch with everyone at home while so far away.   Skype and grandbabies work very well!
  • Canada is a very large country distance wise but a “small town” when is come right down to it.  Good horses and good riding are uniting factors.  Everyone was so helpful and welcoming…we made new friends and reacquainted many old friends in the dressage world.
  • We put together a big project with this trip…coach, trailer, horses and the business at home…we are very thankful for all the support. 
  • I am looking forward to the next phase of this journey…gonna be very exciting!!!

Wednesday I’ll be back at my desk planning the summer months for Flying Colours.  Dressage camp, schooling shows, more clinics.  We need to decide on our show schedule here in Alberta…what horses, what classes, what shows.  And then plans for the winter…

Almost home, time to clean the coach and get it ready for a tune up.  It’s had a long round trip from here…Wetaskiwin, Phoenix, Toronto, Montreal and now back to Wetaskiwin.  Got to get it ready for a fly fishing summer!


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