Home Time

Happy Canada Day!!

I had a great time riding in the gala on Saturday night. Lance handled the excitement of the evening really well and we were proud of him. The speakers were making sounds similar to gunshots so we had a few moments where I thought Lance and I might be going back to the barn very quickly. But once he got into the ring, he really settled in and did his job. The crew at Blainville did a great job getting the rings ready after all the rain, it was still sloppy but very workable. We ended up with a 65.6% and 6th place (mistakes in the twos….).  We also found out on Saturday that Freddie was Reserve Champion for fourth level…a great way to end the show! Ivars took some pictures of the gala evening, Vickie will post them when she has a chance.

We left early on Sunday morning. Vickie and Ivars started heading west with a stopover in Thunder Bay to visit family. Mom and I headed out on our first solo trip with the four horse trailer. The trip went well and was uneventful other than heavy rain on the 401 once we reached Toronto. The horses were happy to be back settled in at Gillian’s for a few days.

Mom flew home on Tuesday morning and Peter arrived Tuesday night. Peter and I are going to spend the day in Toronto today and will leave for home on Thursday morning after picking up a load of hay (with rain hay actually grows in Ontario!). The horses are also booked to leave Thursday morning. Peter and I are looking forward to driving across the country as it will be a new experience for both of us.


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