And so it rained and rained…

As we sit here trying to figure out how to get Lindsey’s short show jacket dry for William’s morning ride, we watch the rain continue to make puddles in front of the coach.

Yesterday we got both of the boys worked before the skies opened up.  The footing is great where ever we ride, wonderful!  Fred’s ride was at 4pm so we headed out in the sogginess to the warmup ring for her Fourth Level test.  The footing was still fabulous, yeah.  To be able to train with such confidence, knowing the footing will not hold us back for this day and the rest of the show is, as they say, “priceless”!  Fred had the best test ever.  She stayed focused and with Lindsey the whole time.  In the rain, with her in heat, by herself…what a good girl!  62%, Third place.

4:30 was the start of the jog.  Both of the boys thought this was rather stupid.  “What are we doing out here in the rain with bridles on???!!!”  “Why can’t we just graze???”  Stomp, stomp.  They both passed the jog and settled back in the stable, all with extra warm blankets on for the night.

Today is William, Lance and Fred.  Here we go!


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