We’re Here!!

We arrived safe and sound in Blainville early afternoon yesterday. I drove the 4-Horse for the first time yesterday – nothing like throwing me in the deep end and seeing if I can swim. The traffic is definitely pretty heavy around Montreal. Only one little missed turned and we found our way easily to the equestrian park.

Once we arrived we unpacked the trailer and settled the horses in. We tried hand walking but the gnats are terrible!! Lots of bug spray necessary. This morning we rode all three horses – who were amazing. Blainville is extremely horse friendly so all the horses were good and happy in their new surroundings. Freddie shows and the boys have the jog tomorrow afternoon (Freddie at 4:01 and jog at 4:30 pm ….We are going to be running!!). All the horses show on Friday.

Vickie and I are trying to make a pack to take more pictures to post on the blog BUT….both of us are terrible at remembering the camera. We always seem to be forgetting it in the coach or in the tackrooom. We’ll keep working on it and hope to have some pictures posted soon. We decided that we need Ivars or Peter here to help us with that end!  

The weather is beautiful here so we are off to find some ice cream….yummy!!


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