Today is a Day Off!!!

Can you believe it??…a day off…horses were tired…2 big shows coming up…turn out is the best training option for today…for all three.

Lindsey and I filled the coach with food for the week ahead, water, gatorade, etc; made a Winners stop for hats and shoes, had a great early supper and finished by preparing all their feed for the next 15 days.  The coach is ready, the trailer is ready and most importantly all the ponies are ready to head to Montreal.

Monday’s schedule is to head the coach and truck to the stable in the morning.  We’ll park the coach at the stable for the night (ready for a Tuesday 5am start), hitch the truck and trailer, load everything (hay, feed, tack trunk, etc) and we’re set for Tuesday.  All three of the horses will have a “test run through” day tomorrow; some turnout time; bath them all; tuck them in and make it an early night for everyone.

Figured out a big option for us today with internet issues…Telus Air Card…wish I had thought of it earlier!  We’re now set up to update on the road!  Too bad Peter isn’t here to add his photos!  I’m sure we could take photos but we both haven’t figured out how to make sure we have the camera with us when needed!!


We had a great day today!

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