Home again and home early, yeah!

Saturday night, all night rain in Palgrave.  I laid in bed listening to the raindrops wishing it was not overhead but 3000 km west on the farm at home!  Oh well, the sound itself was beautiful. 

We decided that showing Sunday in the rain and wet footing, the benefits did not out way the risks.  Blainville CDIs are a week away and the ponies did well Friday/Saturday and were quite tired. 

Saturday Lance blew us all away and scored 63+% on his first Inter One.  He was a little confused on the centre line trot work and was quite wiggly!  Lindsey had her job worked out for her keeping all that large horse headed in the right direction.  He looked like he thought the diagonal lines at the end of the test were big “dig deep moments”.  He tried so hard and seemed to have had a great time doing the test.  He was 9th overall.  So proud of them both.  Baby William was such a pet.  He got a bit longer warmup and lots of walking.  Third Level, test 2, 66+%, 4th place, 8s on gaits.  He only will show FEI 5yr old in Blainville and I’m sure he’ll be thinking he has not even started to work each day.  Good boy William.  Fred came into the warmup ring soft and kinda floppy!!  She was tired and decided to let go and get her back swinging…a problem for her and Lindsey ’cause she now has a new balance and needs to find out how to put it together in a Fourth level test!  Lindsey rode so tactfully and gave Fred the confidence in the ring that she really could handle this work with her new balance and swing.  Thank goodness Maria (our equine therapist) is flying out to work on the horses Monday and Wednesday.  Fred will be piaffeing in her stall when she hears her voice!

Lindsey and Peter had lots of practice with the truck and trailer moving horses back and forth from Gillian’s.  Lindsey will drive the horses to Montreal and she needed some more practice behind the wheel and she got it!  I’ll be behind her in the coach (notice the behind comment, Lindsey will have the GPS to Montreal!)

I’m back home in Alberta and headed back to Toronto on Saturday.  We leave for Blainville on Tuesday.

Off to see Mack this morning!  It was his birthday Friday, one month old!


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