The day starts, plans change…welcome to horses 101

The plan for the day was a light ride on William, pack the trailer head to the show grounds, set up stalls and have an early day.  William came out of his stall and minus a front shoe!  He is due to be reset this week but we thought we’d wait till after the show to get that job done.  Change plans for the day, call the farrier, set up a time and two new shoes in front (couldn’t find the pulled shoe) and a reset behind planned for noon.  Thanks Brian for fitting us in and doing a great job.  Brian managed to figure out Dan’s work (our farrier Dan Sullivan) and didn’t change much, cleaned things up, trimmed him and he’s ready for the show…4 shoes on!  Next week he’ll do the same on Lance and Fred and we’ll be ready for Blainville…farrierwise!

William was great for the morning ride and after his manicure, they all got some turnout time before hitting the showers.  We got the trailer loaded with tack trunks, hay, buckets and everything else needed for 8 horses 4 days at the show.  Now comes the exciting part (well for Lindsey anyway)…she hitched the 4 horse and drove it to Palgrave and back, even backed it up in front of the barn!  She did super, practiced lots and lots of turning, left, right and around!  Today she gets to do it all over again with 4 horses loaded.

Lindsey has gotten to ride Gilllian’s horse Great Time.  I’ll let her tell you the details from the view from the saddle!  It was good to sit in on both lessons.  A big learning opportunity to ride a horse with such schooling!  It definitely was a learning opportunity for me coachwise as well.  Thanks Gillian and Great Time.

Linds had to have a little nap in the evening ’cause she picked up Peter from the airport at midnight!  Peter is here for the weekend and we’ll head back together Sunday night.  It’ll be great to have him here during a busy show!

Today’s plans (hopefully!) is to bring 8 horses in two loads to Palgrave and start riding!!! Yeah!


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