A good day, a long day but a good day

We headed to the barn early morning, nice weather and promises of 18 for the afternoon.  I still packed my heavier coat, just in case!

We started with a ride on William.  Because of the wet weather and the footing in the paddocks, all three of them have not been turned out for 4 days.  William decided the first 20 minutes of his morning ride should really be turn out time, “the heck with half halts I want to run and play”!  He finally settled down and put together a decent Third 3 test.  Today is “day off” for Lance and Fred but not for William.  He’ll have a short ride this am before the packing for the show starts.  Fred’s school yesterday was a big day for her.  She really is getting how to come through on the right side of her body.  She has it all sorted out except for the left to right change.  That move is still quite confusing to her.  She thinks she should be able to put it together using her left side only.  She gets to think about it grazing in paddock today and we’ll see what she can show us on Thursday in the show grounds warm up ring.  We turned everyone out after lunch and decided to work Lance after his turnout time.  He had a ball in his paddock…bucked, reared, galloped, tempi changes, passaged, piaffed and rolled and rolled and rolled.  He came in coated in dirt from his boots to his ears…he even had dirt under his blanket.  Lance then figured his work in the arena just couldn’t happen ’cause he had left all the fun stuff outside during turnout time!  He had to dig deep for Linds; what a good boy!

After William’s short ride this morning today will be the lug and tote day.  We’re going to take everything but the horses over to the show grounds and set up stalls and the tack room.  All three will get to graze in their paddocks all afternoon and then we’ll finish the day with bath time for them before tucking them into bed.  Tomorrow will be a short trailer ride to the show where we can school and walk them around the rings.

Lindsey is going to drive the truck and trailer today.  We will be making two trips with no horses to Palgrave so it’ll give her time to practice with the big trailer.  It’s really much easier than the 2 horse bumper pull to maneuver but just takes time behind the wheel to get more comfortable with the size.  She’ll get it today with lots of turning around and backing up.  (I don’t think I mentioned the backing up part to her yet??!!!!)  She’ll do great and I get photos of it all!!!

Peter is here tonight and Linds will need a nap before going to pick him up tonight.  It’ll be so nice to have an extra set of hands around at the show.  Three horses and the two of us is doable but having Peter here will be a well appreciated luxury!

Off to the barn, not in shorts.


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