What a Monday!!!

Monday dawned cold and grey…we’re definitely not in Alberta Toto.  What’s with this wet stuff falling from the sky??  Everything is damp and green and lush and not dusty!!!  Except for the cold, it’s quite nice in the rain.  New warm jacket on, toque under arm, heading to the barn. 

Linds and I are both feeling quite yucky.  I wish I could say it was from some great fun time the night before but we both had a early night after a dinner out in Bolton.  I suspect the dinner out is the cause and we have started a list of restaurants never to dine at again, ever!  No sit trot for Lindsey today!

Okay so here’s what we found in Lance and Fred’s stall!  Boy did they have fun overnight.  I think Marnie (groom and barn manager extraordinaire) wishes we never get a “bright idea” again. 



Both stalls we’re trashed!  Baby William’s stall was neat and tidy.  He had just moved one mat around.  Good Boy!

Freddie's stall

Freddie's stall

Lance's stall

Lance's stall








We lightly worked the three horses, kept Lindsey in the saddle with no barfing and called it a day.  We headed to Greenhawk to pick up supplies for the rest of the month.  Driving around in the rain was really quite nice for me, not so much for Linds.  She’s seen enough of the dripping skies, I totally enjoyed the feel of moisture everywhere.  Sure wish some of this weather was falling in Alberta.

We spent the afternoon Winner’s shopping for warmer clothes.  The coach is full of shorts and tshirts, totally won’t work for this week.  We now have a supply of warm shirts and pants and are really for Palgrave.  Maybe we’ll luck out and it’ll warm!!!!


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