Back with the horses and loving it!!!!

Thought this would be a good time to update what’s going on around here…the internet connection is very iffy so now that it’s seems to be steady…here’s the news!

I’m back in Toronto and the horses look fabulous.  Lindsey has done such a good job, they have all developed well and made huge jumps  in their work.  Baby William definitely does not look like a baby any more!  He will be showing Third Level on the weekend as the Palgrave show doesn’t offer Young Horse classes.  William would rather be a 6 yr old not a 5yr old this year anyway!  Thanks to Lindsey’s great piloting, Lance has figured out passage/piaffe and ones!!  Mr. Overacheiver for sure!  Fred looks sooo good…changes are there and she is carrying herself like a young PSG horse.  She is right on track for the show!  William Third Level, Fred Fourth Level and Lance PSG and Inter One; Palgrave, Cornerstone Show this weekend.

Linds and I found some thin interlocking foam mats for their stalls and installed them today.  We’ll see what Fred does to them overnight…ugh.  She can redecorate a stall faster then anything I’ve ever seen.  As I type, I’m sure she is throwing mats out of her stall, bouncing them off William’s!  If the mats hold up, we’ll take them to the CDI in Blainville.   Always nice to have more protection on cement for that 2 week show.

The weather today was so cold.  We did a little shopping and I now have a toque for the weekend (that’ll mean warm weather for the weekend…either way I win!)

The coach is working great as a place to live for Linds and I.  It’s parked 30 km from the barn and we’ll only be 10 minutes from Palgrave.  It’ll come with us to Montreal.  It has been so lovely not having to pack and unpack for each show.  Uber-lovely! 

Tomorrow I’ll post photos (hoping the internet is a reliable as today!)


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