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Hello from Ontario!!

It has taken me a while to get my first blog entry – the access to internet at the RV park is a bit temperamental…

It has been a crazy couple of weeks and I am starting to feel at home in Ontario. The horses are doing wonderful as you can see from Vickie’s updates. They are all settling in at Gillian’s barn and loving the green grass (27C here today – not rubbing it in or anything!!). We had a successful first show and are training hard to get ready for Palgrave the first weekend of June. Ottawa was a great opportunity to get our feet wet and I’m really looking forward to improving on our results.

I had two great lessons with Gillian today on Freddie and Lance. Both horses felt good – looking forward to tomorrow’s rides. William was wonderful as always – I tested out the flying changes today which we haven’t been working on lately because of the FEI 5 year old test. They still work!! So we decided to enter him at 3rd level for the Palgrave show as they are not offering the FEI Young Horse Tests.

Mom and Curtis are on their way home tomorrow morning. Thanks to them for their driving and help at the show. Mom will likely come back for the Blainville show – the horses love having “grandma” around to brush them, tell them how wonderful they are and feed them treats!! Peter (soon to be named “Stable Boy”) is coming out for the Palgrave show – it will be great to have him here.

I am so grateful to be here with these wonderful horses and thankful of everyone’s support. I’ll keep you posted of our progress….

Miss you all at home!


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Lance, Fred and William’s big adventure…Lindsey’s anxious hour.

After putting a good ride on all three, yesterday was turn out day.  All three horses have regular daily turn out while at home so we decided give it a try at Gillian’s.  Gillian’s paddocks are in great shape and they have enough grass that grazing should keep them busy after a little buck and run around the pen.

Lance and Fred were true to form and went for a joyous run and buck and then they each settled down to some serious grazing.  Green grass is just too tempting once they had gotten all the travel/show kinks out! 

Now William is a different story…    He is such a quiet stallion, you don’t even really know he’s in the barn but turn him out and boy does he like to play in his pen!!!!  I’ve even caught him bucking in his shelter in his pen here at home.  Yesterday he took no notice of the grass and after watching him for a while, Linds pulled the plug on play time.  We’ll try again today and decide whether he’ll be an indoor horse till he comes home in July.

Forcast for today is 28 in Bolton, wish I was there to enjoy it but having Alexander arrive today from California will keep me busy enough for the rest of the week.  More details about him with pics later!!


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