We’ve got a baby!!! Mackenzie (Mack) Bailey Montgomery

A very eventful day yesterday…to say the least! 

After a day of labour and waiting, Baby Mack arrived into this world by C section at 8:20 am, Tuesday, May 5.  He’s amazing and beautiful and so special (did I mention amazing!!!).  9lbs 5oz, 22 inches long.  (Grandpa Ivars says he’s a keeper!),  He looks just like Andrew.  Andrew has a Minnie Me!  Kirsten did a wonderful job and she is feeling great.  A short stay in the hospital and then she’ll be home with baby and Buster.  I get to cuddle him all day today…that’ll have to last till I return on the 19th.  😦

All three horses left yesterday afternoon with IHT.  They should be in Toronto on Friday.  Linds will meet them at Gillian’s (after her whirlwind trip to California!).  She’s test driving a couple of horses today.  Can’t wait to hear her report on the geldings!

Well up to the hospital and a day of pure joy!

Next updates will be “on the road”.


Baby Mack

Baby Mack

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