Dressage Camp Mon/Tues, Horses on the Van Tues…Still no Baby!!!

Linds and Lance warming up

Linds and Lance warming up

We’re packed. 

Other than last minute addons the list, everything needed is packed.  Some tack to go with the horses on the van and the rest (feed, blankets, show gear) will follow in the truck and trailer.  The horses will be in Toronto on Friday and the truck and trailer should be there by Tuesday.  The whole team will be altogether by Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning (13) we all leave for the Ottawa show.  The Alberta caravan heads to the Capitol city.  Wonder if we should hang up the cowboy boots and hats for the weekend or just giver a big yeehaw as we arrive!

Tomorrow is my birthday and it looks like our first grandchild might be arriving.  Kirsten and Andrew are booked in for induction in the am.  Ohhhh it’s going to be so wonderful to meet this little one (and sooooo hard to say goodbye as I head East!). 

Ivars and I are booked into Phoenix Thursday am to pick up the coach and drive it to Toronto.  We haven’t driven through this part of the States and we are looking forward to the drive.  We’ll have to keep a watch for tornados as it is tornado season and we will be in Tornado Alley!  I have a new camera and will be test driving it on the trip so maybe get some good storm shots?

Tomorrow is the start of Dressage Camp.  We have some enthusiastic riders from the Yukon for Camp on Monday and Tuesday.   Everything is just about ready. I have finish up lunch and we’re good to go.  It’s going to be a busy couple of days!

Lindsey will be adding to this blog as we go along as well.  Watch for her updates from a rider’s perspective!


Linds and Fred, warming up, May 01, 2009

Linds and Fred, warming up, May 01, 2009

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