Still no baby!!

Ok…we’ll all on major packing, organizing, training getting ready for our trek to Toronto. But the burning question for the time is “When is that baby going to arrive”!!!!
Our eldest daughter Kirsten and her husband Andrew are expecting our first grandchild. Baby was due a week ago and we are happily awaiting!!!!
Toronto trip is getting nearer and everything is almost ready. Horses leave with International Horse Transport on Tuesday and will arrive at Gillian Sutherland’s on Friday. Lindsey will be there to meet them and take them off the truck. Barb and Curtis will be driving our truck and trailer to Ontario so we’ll have transport to and from the shows. Ivars and I will head to Phoenix on Thursday to pick up the coach and drive to Toronto. Linds and I will have a comfortable place to camp out at Gillian’s and for each show. Ahhhh a warm shower at the show grounds.
We very pleased to get on the road but I really am going to miss that baby!!!

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